2022 Corporate Partner Members

In this time of turbulence and change, all organizations—both private and non-profit— are being asked to rethink their purpose and actions to create greater value for society. We appreciate that our colleagues and companies listed here are stepping up to this challenge and increasing their value to their community, and their nonprofit and business partners.

With Wellnest, our Corporate Partners work together to offer more hope, healing and opportunity to the children, young adults, families, and communities we serve. Our goal is to connect what we do on a greater scale; to build a better business model, and to support and strengthen our community.

Interested in contributing to our community’s emotional health and wellness while adding value to your own company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives? Join us and network with other members, professionals and companies who understand the importance of connecting business to sound social solutions, driving profound community impact and growth.

For questions regarding our Corporate Partners Program, please contact Laureen O’Hara at LaureenO@WellnestLA.org or at 323.373.2400 x.313