Wellnest, in partnership with Department of Mental Health (DMH), is proud to launch the Children and Adult Outreach Triage Teams (COTT/OTT) in South Los Angeles and the Westside of Los Angeles. 

COTT/OTT teams of highly skilled therapists, parent advocates and case managers provide immediate intervention to assist children, Transition Age Youth (TAY) (age 0-16 and 16-21), and adults in de-escalating behaviors that impact life functioning and minimize risk, maintain the child/youth or adult in his/her current living and prevent repeat hospitalizations. Through the COTT/OTT program, Wellnest will help stabilize children, TAY, adults and families experiencing crisis, and reduce the number of children and TAY entering DCFS or Probation systems by providing mental health supportive and transitional interventions not previously offered, and avoid, whenever possible, placement disruptions.


The OTT team was supportive and helpful to me and my daughter.

– Aaliyah