Client Story: Rebuilding a Life

Mar 17, 2023

At 17, I had trouble regulating my emotions and communicating, which was impacting my academic and daily life. I was failing high school and at risk for not graduating, and I was hospitalized for multiple suicide attempts. I was feeling depressed, anxious, and alone. Luckily, my high school referred me to Wellnest’s Life Learning Center, where I received therapy, medication support, case management, rehabilitation, and employment services. Over two years, I developed positive coping and social skills, and achieved academic success! I graduated high school, enrolled in community college and began volunteering with CultivaLA. Through Wellnest, I received support for my legal citizenship application and rent, furniture, and food to eliminate homelessness. I graduated from Wellnest in March 2021, and I am inspired to become a mental health clinician and help others.