At the drop-in Life Learning Center, young people can alter the course of their lives with such services as therapy, case management, employment, education and career guidance, life skills, substance abuse counseling, housing, and more.

This vibrant, accessible 10,000-square-foot space gives transition-age youth a safe place for recreation and creative exploration, along with a chance to build personal strengths and a sense of community. Each youth connected to the LLC has access to a variety of programming where a youth becomes the essential part of a team.

Therapy is offered for individuals and groups of youth in a variety of settings. Youth are able to engage in a number of groups and community building opportunities as well as focused individual therapy supporting a young person to reach their goals.

Case management ensures a young person’s linkage to community services as well as life skills training so that a young person can learn to live successfully and self sufficiently.

Employment services allow for a young person to expand their skills and knowledge and experience within employment. In addition, employment services include helping the youth find and adhere to a career pathway.

The Hope for Housing LA Program is a scattered site housing program where each young person is a part of team to support their ability to maintain independent living. Youth are placed in Service Areas 4 and 6 and learn to live independently with a roommate and receive very focused support to prepare them for permanent housing at the completion of their program.


Wellnest has been our extended family and a safe place for us to turn to.

– Maria Cristina